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Musicians Oppose the Local Radio Freedom Act

There’s nothing “local” about this resolution which actually secures a decades-old, unnecessary government subsidy for a multi-billion-dollar industry that refuses to pay musicians for their hard work

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AFM Urges Congress To Support PRO Act

AFM International President Ray Hair sent a letter urging members of Congress to support the PRO Act—the most significant effort to expand the rights of working people to organize since the Great Depression.

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New TV & Film Contract Ratified

Musicians voted to approve a new contract that includes many significant improvements, including for the first time—screen credits for musicians.

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Laura Vinson

The Edmonton Local 390 member has spent the past 45 years weaving her culture and heritage into her music, helping Native people reclaim the narrative of their lives.

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Tentative Deal Reached With Film & TV Studios

After more than two years of tough negotiations with the major studios, musicians reached a tentative agreement with many substantive improvements—yet the fight for streaming residuals continues.

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