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Our Musicians: Freelance

Many AFM members are freelancers—they are not regularly employed by a symphony, a theater production, or in media production. Musicians have been part of the gig economy since before it even had a name. From young bands just starting out to seasoned performers working regularly—all musicians deserve good wages, decent working conditions, healthcare and a secure retirement.

But it’s hard going it alone in today’s gig economy as temporary, contract and freelance workers. Join together with AFM musicians to have a voice, build power and earn a decent living. Many of us standing together are more powerful than any of us standing alone.

By joining AFM you are joining the largest union of musicians in the world. Don’t go it alone—join 80,000 musicians throughout the United States and Canada making the music industry work for musicians.

Resources For Freelance Musicians

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As the largest union of musicians in the world, we have the power to make the music industry work for musicians. Don’t go it alone—join with 80,000 musicians.

AFM Entertainment
List your group on AFM Entertainment where musicians help musicians get paid gigs for private events like weddings.

Audition Ads
Beginning the first of each month, audition notices are available for AFM members.

Fair Trade Music
Building an organization city-by-city raising standards for working musicians through organizing, collective action and inspiration.

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