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Audio Demonstration Recording Agreement

If you are looking to record a project not for sale or distribution, but in order to be able to share the recording with potential financial backers, the Audio Demonstration Recording Agreement may be right for you. 

The Audio Demonstration Recording Agreement is a Local agreement, meaning that the terms are promulgated by an individual Local, rather than the Federation. These agreements provide a discounted rate for production, provided that the final product is not made publicly available. 

If a demo recording is released, the full terms of whatever agreement would cover the release will apply (usually the Basic Regular Session rates,) with no credit given for payments made under the demo agreement. As such, this agreement is not intended for producers who want to release promotional tracks to the public but is rather for those intending to privately share the contents to a specific entity, usually a potential financer. 

All work for demonstration recordings is filed on an AFM B-5 Report Form.

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