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SRLA Regular and Special Sessions 

The Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA) covers the performance of instrumental musicians, or leaders, arrangers, orchestrators, and copyists in the production of recorded music intended for commercial sale or distribution, as well as on-camera work in the creation of music videos. 

A traditional session (called a “Basic Regular Session”) is three hours in length and allows for the capture of up to 15 minutes of final product. A basic session may also be called to “sweeten” up to four tracks recorded at a previous session. 

A record label may also call a “Special Session,” which is 1 ½ hours in length and provides for the recording of up to 7 ½ minutes of music, provided that the musicians are notified at the time they are engaged that the session will be a Special Session. 

All work during these types of sessions is filed on an AFM B-4 Report Form. 

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