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Life’s a Beach

The Toronto Local 149 members head out on the road with a new album, new tour, and big ideas.

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Live TV Contract Update

After musicians and music lovers joined together to tell ABC, CBS, and NBC to Respect The Band—the networks have finally agreed to discuss paying live television musicians for ad-supported streaming.

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AFM’s President on New Sirius Rates

We welcome the rate increase, but our broken copyright system still allows this wildly profitable company to underpay for recorded music based on a below-market standard.

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Jazz Master John Scofield

The NYC Local 802 member talks about touring, learning from other musicians and organizing to get the benefits we deserve.

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Country’s Most Famous Stage

Grand Ole Opry musicians won a new four-year contract with yearly raises, higher health and welfare payments, increased pension contributions, new satellite radio payments, and a percentage of the Opry’s receipts for streamed content.

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