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Travel & Touring

Our Musicians: Travel, Touring, and Performing Musicians

We negotiate contracts for the musicians with touring shows and acts, like the musicians who back up performers such as Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.

Booking Agents

Our Signatory Booking Agents meet the highest standards of professional service. Booking Agents work on commission to connect musicians with people who want to purchase their services. Through their contracts with purchasers, these agents agree that there will be no hidden costs or fees and no surprises in the amount of commission or in the services offered. AFM musicians contracted by the agency also adhere to the highest professional standards. Our Booking Agent Directory is provided for musicians and anyone interested in hiring musicians.

P and O Visa Applications

As the appropriate labor union for musicians, USCIS requires that you submit a letter of consultation from the AFM. The AFM letter is based on all the evidence and information that you supply to us when your petition package is complete and ready to be sent to the USCIS service center. We have issued our letters to such foreign musical groups such as “U2” from Ireland, “Bjork” from Scandinavia, and the Berlin Philharmonic when they come to perform in the United States.

Instrument Insurance

AFM Equipment Protection Program: protecting your instrument can be a smart way to protect your ability to earn an income. Too many musicians rely on homeowners or renters insurance if something happens to their equipment. But, that’s often a mistake because those types of plans generally only cover a small portion of the cost to replace your equipment. Sometimes they’ll cover nothing at all. Why? Because, they consider it to be business equipment.

Travel Tips for AFM Musicians Traveling with Their Instruments 

We provide you with useful information when flying with your instruments.
Ban On Instruments Containing Ivory or Endangered Species: detailed information and guidelines.


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