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Television Videotape Agreement 

The AFM Television Videotape Agreement covers musicians who are engaged by producers in the production of live programming on network television. Most generally, this includes late night talk shows, variety shows, game shows, and award shows. 

Work under the Videotape Agreement is assumed to be on-camera, so the rates herein cover both audio and visual capture. The actual program rates themselves depend on two factors: how long the program is and how often it airs. Based on that, a show’s “minimum call” rate will comprise the “air rate” for time spent taping the show as well as a minimum number of required rehearsal hours. 

Because the airing pattern differs on other form of television, this Agreement covers work intended for broadcast on traditional, over-the-air network stations. The Agreement also contains Made for New Media provisions. The AFM also offers similar agreements to cover programming on PBS, Basic Cable, and Pay Cable. 

When a network airs a repeat of a program covered under this Agreement, the musicians are paid a percentage of the original scale wage they were paid for the session, on a sliding scale. 

All live television work is filed on an AFM B-8 Report Form. 

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