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Film Soundtracks

When music recorded under either the Basic Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement or the Basic Television Motion Picture Agreement is released for sale or distribution, payment is required according to the rates prescribed in the Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA). However, the film agreements provide different payment options for the producer, depending on if certain criteria are met. 

Usually these options involve an up-front payment of some percentage of SRLA scale, though this is not the case for all options. Additional payments as a percentage of SRLA scale become due when sales pass a certain unit threshold in most cases as well. If 100% of SRLA scale is paid upon release, no further payments are required and no other criteria must be met. 

For work scored under an Independent/Festival Film Agreement, the producer may release up to 5,000 copies without additional payment, provided certain criteria are met. 

Please note that these criteria only apply to soundtracks made from work scored under AFM Film agreements. These soundtrack provisions are not available for soundtracks made from work done under AFM Live Television agreements. Those productions must pay 100% of SRLA upon release of the soundtrack album. 

For more information on film soundtrack options, please see the chart linked below: 


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