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New Membership Brochures

The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) is proud to announce new recruitment and education brochures to help your local attract and inform potential members!

These brochures are designed to promote the many benefits of AFM membership, making it easier than ever to spread the word and build a stronger union.

  • “We’ve Got You Covered” (Trifold): Showcase the valuable protections and resources available to AFM members, including contract enforcement, access to special payment funds, and exclusive member services.
  • “Join Together” (Trifold): Overview of the AFM, highlighting the importance of solidarity, fair wages, and having a voice in the industry.
  • Rack Card: “Benefits of Membership” (Rack Card): Provides a concise overview of key membership advantages.

The brochures are available in English and Spanish, and Canadian versions in English and French.

US Versions:
(Click on Brochure to see full copy.)

“We’ve Got You Covered” (Trifold)

“Join Together” (Trifold)

“Benefits of Membership” (Rack Card)










 Canadian versions are available in English and French.
(Click on Brochure to see full copy.)

CFM “We’ve Got You Covered” (Trifold)

CFM “Join Together” (Trifold)

CFM “Benefits of Membership” (Rack Card)











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