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AFM Appoints New Vice President from Canada

The International Executive Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Allistair Elliott to the position of AFM Vice President from Canada to complete the unexpired term of his predecessor, Alan Willaert, who passed away unexpectedly in April. For activities within Canada and its Territories, the Vice President from Canada is known as the Vice President from Canada, and Director, Canadian Affairs.

Allistair Elliott photo

AFM Vice President from Canada Allistair Elliott

In his most recent position, Elliott has served as the AFM International Representative (IR) from Canada. As an IR for ten years, Elliott is familiar with all Canadian locals, has assisted all new officers in learning to navigate AFM/CFM protocols and practices, has represented the CFM and musicians at conferences and panels, and has represented the CFM in lobbying the Canadian government in various matters, most predominantly regarding the ease of musicians traveling on airlines with their instruments.

“Allistair is a highly respected figure in the Canadian music scene and a strong advocate for our members. His extensive experience and deep understanding of the issues facing Canadian musicians will lead us forward,” says AFM International President Tino Gagliardi. “I am confident that Allistair will provide strong leadership and representation for all our members in the United States and Canada.”

Please join us in welcoming Allistair Elliott to his new role. We look forward to his contributions as director of Canadian affairs, as we continue to fight for fair contracts, strong intellectual property protections, and a thriving music industry for all musicians.