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Celebrate Unionism this Labor Day

Labor Day is the day we recognize the spirit, strength, and contributions of working men and women across this nation.

For far too long, corporations have attempted to divide and weaken workers by rigging the economy to work for the few, or the one, at the expense of the many. Employers would like to dismantle our unions, violate labor law, instill fear into workers, and stifle our voices.

When the pandemic exacerbated already intolerable working conditions, more workers looked to unions to protect their jobs. From service employees and warehouse workers to delivery drivers, from Trader Joe’s to Starbucks, there’s a growing trend toward organizing. In fact, according to a new Gallup survey, a majority of Americans now support unionism, with 71% backing efforts to unionize.

We celebrate Labor Day because musicians and other working people joined together and said we deserve better—better wages, better working conditions, better benefits, and the right to join together in unionism.

If you are working a gig this weekend, traveling, or just spending time with family, please take pride in your membership in the American Federation of Musicians.