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Painting Appointed AFM Director of Electronic Media Services

AFM International President Ray Hair has named John K. Painting as AFM Director of the Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD) and Assistant to the President, following the unexpected passing of EMSD Director Pat Varriale in May.

EMSD Director John K. Painting

“I have immense respect for John and his thorough knowledge of AFM’s media agreements,” says AFM President Ray Hair. “During John Painting’s tenure as division assistant director, working with Pat Varriale, he demonstrated his ability to tackle and resolve the difficult and complex problems that arise in the rapidly changing world we encounter in the negotiation and administration of electronic media agreements.”

“I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to lead this department into the future,” states John K. Painting, newly appointed Director, Electronic Media Services Division. “I look forward to using the skills and relationships I have developed in the past dozen years working in electronic media to help protect the services of and enrich the lives of musicians.”

A graduate of Columbia University, Painting has worked in Electronic Media since beginning his career at AFM Local 802 (New York City) in 2011. In May 2019, Painting was appointed as EMSD Assistant Director, working under former EMSD Director Pat Varriale. Painting has been responsible for administration of the National Public Television Agreement as well as a wide variety of special projects, most notably contracts pertaining to the rapidly shifting world of Internet streaming since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout his tenure, Painting has been regularly involved on the bargaining team for EMSD contract negotiations, both at the Local and Federation level. He has also worked as a liaison with the Organizing & Education Department, assisting in EMSD-related organizing efforts, as well as developing new educational content to better explain EMSD agreements.