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It’s time to support #FairPay for all music creators!

As you may know, musicians and vocalists do not receive a single cent when their recordings are broadcast on AM/FM radio stations. Incredibly, the United States is the only industrialized nation besides North Korea and Iran that has no law requiring a broadcast performance royalty for sound recordings to be paid to artists, musicians, and singers.


The American Music Fairness Act, HR 4130, now pending in the US Congress, is designed to remedy that and provide royalty payments to artists, session musicians, and vocalists when their recordings are broadcast over AM and FM radio. Not only will it have a positive financial impact on musicians, but it will also make an important statement about the value of our music.


The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on “Respecting Artists with the American Music Fairness Act,” on Wednesday, February 2nd at 10 am EST via Zoom.


Local 257 (Nashville, TN) President Dave Pomeroy has been selected as a panelist for the Judiciary Committee Hearing. He will present testimony in support of musicians and singers whose recordings are heard on AM and FM radio, and will strongly advocate for payment of fair royalties for their work.
This is a critical piece of legislation for all professional musicians and I cannot over-emphasize its importance to every member of our union. I encourage you to tune in on Wednesday at 10 am EST, and click here to contact your representative today to encourage them to attend the House Judiciary Committee hearing and support the American Music Fairness Act, HR 4130.