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Support the American Music Fairness Act (AMFA)

Musicians and radio performers should be paid fair wages for their work. The American Music Fairness Act is designed to provide royalty payments to artists, session musicians, and vocalists when their recordings are performed and broadcast over AM and FM radio.

The American Music Fairness Act will:
  • Ensure performers are compensated when their songs are played on terrestrial radio.
  • Treat competing music platforms the same and create a fair market value for music performance royalties by including terrestrial broadcasts in the existing Section 114(d)(1) of title 17 of United States Code.
  • Protect small, local radio broadcasters through an exemption for stations with less than $1.5 million in annual revenue and whose parent companies make less than $10 million in overall annual revenue. For less than $2 per day ($500 annually), small and local stations can play unlimited music.
  • Exempt qualified public, college, and other noncommercial stations (who would only pay $100 a year), and super small stations.
  • Support American artists when foreign stations play their music, recognizing American artists’ performance right.
  • Protect songwriters and publishers, ensuring no harmful impact on the public performance rights and royalties payable to songwriters, musical work copyright owners, and publishers.
This is OUR bill. The AFM worked closely with the MusicFIRST Coalition and members of Congress to help craft this bill designed with your concerns in mind as a musician.

It’s time to compensate music creators and artists for their work.

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