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Pension Relief Is Moving Forward! Act Now to Finish the Job!

Huge news: Over the past few days, our campaign for pension relief has made massive gains and now we are only 1 step away!

Last Friday, the House of Representatives passed the COVID relief package including the Butch-Lewis Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act. On Monday, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that funding to shore up union pension plans and COBRA health insurance for jobless workers can be included in the American Rescue Plan.

But our work is not done yet! With Republicans seemingly unified against the package, there is virtually no margin for error in the evenly divided Senate.

This was a huge step forward for retirees and musicians — and it’s all thanks to Members like you. Our AFM-EPF pension plan is one of over 100 multiemployer union pensions in critical status, but with this pandemic relief package benefit reductions will be eliminated.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hurts those in the performing arts more than most, and recovery will take time. In the face of so much uncertainty, it is even more urgent to take action now!

Click here to mail your Senators.

Now you and your colleagues can keep the momentum building — hundreds of members have participated in the Pension Zoom Banking Call campaign to help ignite AFM members to contact their Senators to solidify the Democratic vote and keep Butch Lewis/EPPRA in the American Rescue Plan.

Can you join your colleagues for an hour to call members in swing states to move them to action? AFM staff will provide you with a call list, script, and training as well as be on hand to answer any questions. Click here to sign up.

Our voices matter because united we create real change around our priorities.

In Unity,

Ray Hair
AFM International President