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All In for Pension Relief

Our AFM-EPF pension plan is one of over 100 multiemployer union pensions in critical status because of aging demographics, declining participation, and reduced contributions. But now, if we all stand together in unison as AFM members, we can change that.

The Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act of 2021 outlines solutions to solve overriding shortcomings in our nation’s multiemployer pension crisis and put our pension plan back on level footing. This would protect our retirement and the retirement of tens of thousands of our fellow musicians.

Strong conservative Republican opposition is expected to continue on the pension issue along with an active campaign among those conservatives to keep pension reform out of any reconciliation package advanced either by Congress and/or the White House.

Tell your elected members of Congress to support the Reconciliation Package. Their vote in support of the inclusion of pension relief will help millions of workers be productive in their retirement years.

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Time is of the essence as pension relief is the closest it has ever been in years to becoming a reality. When our whole union stands together, we have the power to change things. Tell Congress to take this simple action to make sure our pension and retirement are secure!

In Unity,

Ray Hair
AFM International President