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This Labor Day, let your friends and family know:
Unions make us stronger!

This Labor Day weekend, whether you’re at a barbecue, a picnic or a parade, let your friends and family know: Unions make us stronger.   

Nearly four months ago, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act, a comprehensive COVID-19 relief bill that would provide extended unemployment insurance benefits, hazard pay, an emergency infectious disease standard, and safety measures for schools to open safely. But the Senate has failed to pass the HEROES Act, and working musicians continue to suffer.  

This public health crisis is far from over. When the pandemic subsides, performances for live audiences will be the last thing to return. While musicians, stage crew, and countless others face a long road without our key source of income, congress is debating our survival.  


That’s why this November, it’s crucial we get to the ballot box to elect political candidates who will put America’s workers first. By electing politicians who will fight for America’s working class and uplift the labor movement, we can keep making real progress in the fight for a fair economy and a just society.

Click here to find voting information for your state.  

AFM members know that many of us standing together are more powerful than any of us acting alone. This Labor Day, we’re celebrating union solidarity and letting everyone around us know: Workers First. Vote Union.  

 Best wishes in every way for a happy and healthy Labor Day weekend. 

In Unity,
Ray Hair
AFM International President 


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