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Convention Condemns Baltimore Management

The following resolution, in support of the locked out Baltimore Symphony musicians, unanimously passed at the 101st AFM Convention.


Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Lockout

WHEREAS, The musicians of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra are represented by Local 40-543 of the American Federation of Musicians; and

WHEREAS, On June 17, 2019, the management of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra locked out its musicians, cutting off their salaries and benefits; and

WHEREAS, There is no justification for management’s action, which is a disgraceful attempt to balance the orchestra’s books on the backs of its musicians; and

WHEREAS, A lockout is among the vilest labor tactics that orchestra managements can employ; now, therefore, be itRESOLVED, That the delegates to the 101st AFM Convention condemn in the strongest possible terms the actions of the management of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and call on said management to immediately end the lockout, restore musician salaries and benefits retroactively to June 17, 2019, and return to the table to bargain in good faith for a fair agreement.