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Streaming Fight Continues

After three days of intense negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, musicians have agreed to extend the Motion Picture/TV Film Contract and resume negotiations in November.

“Musicians who work in the television, film and sound recording industries have always participated in traditional media revenue streams that continue to enrich those who exploit our music long after we create it,” aid Ray Hair, AFM International President. “The new media streaming proposals offered by the film studios in the current round of negotiations were not a fair bargain and were unacceptable.”

The key sticking point is the studios’ refusal to pay musicians for streaming residuals. Studios pay residuals to actors, writers, directors and others when films are made for streaming, but musicians have been uniquely excluded.

The contract extension negotiated by the bargaining committee includes a 2% wage increase and extends the terms and conditions of the current contract to November 14th.