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St. Louis Musicians Approve New Contract

St. Louis Symphony musicians will see increased wages, higher contributions to their pension fund, and work-rule adjustments in their new contract. Musicians approved the five-year agreement today—more than seven months prior to the expiration of the previous contract.

Musicians’ minimum annual compensation will increase from $86,053 in the current season to $100,553 in the 2021/2022 season, including a $2,500 bonus. The work-rule adjustments in the contract will allow for more flexibility with scheduling and how the orchestra is deployed, increased rehearsal efficiency, incorporating a personal day and updating touring conditions.

“This agreement addresses many of the musicians’ concerns about the symphony’s ability to attract and retain the best musicians to our orchestra. With much recent positive press about our performances in capitals in the United States and Europe, as well as here in St. Louis, our artistic standing is unquestioned,” said Timothy Myers, Principal Trombone & Chair of the St. Louis Symphony Musicians’ Negotiating Committee. “We will now also see our economic standing among American orchestras rise as well. Besides the economic gains, we also achieved protections for our health and safety that were lacking in our previous agreements. The professionalism and constructive dialogue at the negotiating table certainly helped us reach this early agreement. Special thanks goes to our union, AFM Local 2-197.”