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Today is Fair Trade Music Day

Today is Fair Trade Music Day in Seattle. That’s right; the City of Seattle is so committed to creating a community that supports a living wage for musicians that they proclaimed May 20, 2015 as Fair Trade Music Day

Today happened because musicians joined together to raise the standard of living for all Seattle area musicians. This is not the first victory for these musicians since they began their campaign last year. 21 Seattle area venues have signed a pledge to abide by Fair Trade Music principles and musician loading zones have been established at several clubs in the area.

The Seattle City Council also unanimously voted to support Fair Trade Music principles, including musicians’ right to negotiate fair contracts, establish equitable business relationships, and benefit from enforceable contract standards.

Musicians standing together have the power.

Fair Trade Music Seattle Venues

88 Keys Dueling Piano Bar (Pioneer Square)
Blue Moon Tavern (University District)
Capitol Cider (Capitol Hill)
Chop Suey (Capitol Hill)
Egan’s Ballard Jam House (Ballard)
The Moore (downtown Seattle)
Nectar Lounge (Fremont)
Neptune (University District)
The Paramount (downtown)
Pies and Pints (Roosevelt)
Re-bar (Denny)
Royal Room (Columbia City)
SeaMonster (Wallingford)
Seattle Theatre Group (STG) productions
Showbox (downtown)
Showbox SoDo (SoDo)
Skylark Café (West Seattle)
Sound Check (Lynnwood)
Stone Way Café (Fremont)
Tula’s Restaurant and Jazz Club (Belltown)
Vito’s (downtown Seattle)

Whereas, live music should be valued in a way that enables working musicians to make a living wage in order to provide for themselves and their families, with working conditions based on a fair and equitable relationship including enforceable standards, mutual respect and transparent accountability between musicians and the venue in which they work; and,

Whereas, musicians should be able to have written agreements that specify method and timing of payment, a fair cancellation policy, merchandising and recording rights, responsibility for promotional efforts and transparency and accountability on income and expenses; and,

Whereas, it is in the interest of musicians, venues and the public that these agreements include a way to assure compliance with the terms of the agreement, as well as a means to resolve any disputes; and,
Whereas, musicians are entitled to the same rights, the same respect, and the same ability to make a reasonable living as any other workers; and,

Whereas, this is a necessary part of maintaining Seattle’s well-deserved reputation as a center for musical activity; and,

Whereas, Fair Trade Music Seattle, with the support of the Musicians Association of Seattle, American Federation of Musicians Local 76-493, is bringing together musicians to promote these values; and,

Whereas, Fair Trade Music Seattle has signed mutual pledges with various music venues to establish and maintain relationships with musicians that are fair and equitable, as well as transparent with mutual accountability; NOW THEREFORE,


Section 1. The Seattle City Council reaffirms our support for all workers, including musicians, having the right  to negotiate fair contracts establishing equitable relationships and enforceable standards; and

Section 2. The City of Seattle is committed to encouraging musicians and music venues to work together to secure Seattle’s place as a city in which all workers are paid for their labor, and have the ability to assure compliance with labor agreements; and

Section 3. In the City of Seattle, May 20, 2015 is proclaimed as “FAIR TRADE MUSIC DAY.”