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All of the following counties: Madison, Franklin, Union, Marion, Delaware, Licking , Fairfield, Pickaway, Hocking and Know. All of Wyandot County except the town of Carey; all of Morrow county except North Bloomfield, Congress, Troy and Perry; all of Crawford county except Crestline, Jefferson, Jackson, Galion and Polk.

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All of Richland and Ashland counties; the following in Wayne County: West Salem, Congress, Canaan, Creston, Chester, Wayne, Wooster, Plain, Clinton, Shreve, Franklin, Green, East Union, Saltcreek, Smithville, Orville and Applecreek; in Morrow County, the following: North Bloomfield, Troy, Perry, Congress; in Crawford County, the following: Jefferson, Crestline, Jackson, Galion and Polk.

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