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Limited Pressing Agreement

Discounted sound recording rates are available for projects that will not cross the product sales threshold for payments to the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund. For projects that do not sell more than 10,000 units (3,000 in Canada,) the Limited Pressing Agreement may be filed with the Local in which the recording takes place. Note that existing signatories to the Sound Recording Labor Agreement are not eligible to use the Limited Pressing Agreement. 

There are two “schedules” of rates for Limited Pressings: Schedule A covers most independent projects; Schedule B is used for non-Tony eligible theatrical cast albums. 

The Limited Pressing Agreement is a Local agreement, meaning the rates are promulgated by an individual Local, provided they are higher than the Federation-established minimum. 

All work for limited pressings is filed on an AFM B-9 Report Form. 

If a Limited Pressing eventually crosses the sales threshold that would require payments to the Special Payments Fund, an “upgrade” payment to the SRLA Basic Regular Session rates is required. This type of payment is filed on an AFM B-4 Report Form. 

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