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Live TV Negotiations


Live television contract negotiations will begin in New York next week. The live television contract, officially called the Television Videotape Agreement, expired in February 2016 and has been extended while negotiations are in progress.

The live television contract covers work done for live or recorded television programs initially aired over a broadcast network or in syndication, including variety shows, awards shows, game shows, talk shows, daytime serials, morning shows and sports broadcasts. It sets wages and working conditions for musicians, arrangers, orchestras, and copyists. The contract also includes payments for reuse of programs after an initial broadcast cycle, foreign use, and when content is released in supplemental markets such as DVD’s, cable television and streaming new media.

The negotiating team, comprised of musicians working in live television and our union’s leadership, are optimistic that we will achieve contract improvements. When the negotiating team reaches an agreement with the producers, musicians working under the live television contract will receive the proposal for review and then vote on the contract.