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The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) is a union and the largest organization in the world dedicated to representing the interests of professional musicians.

You don’t have to be a union member or professional musician to help fight for musicians.  If you care about music and musicians, you can join Friends of AFM.  Friends of AFM will help you keep informed and speak up on important issues.

What is Friends of AFM?

Friends of AFM is an associate organization of AFM.  Its members are not members of the union.  Friends of AFM care about musicians’ issues, and want to help.

Who Can Join Friends of AFM?

Friends of AFM is open to anyone who is interested in issues affecting music and musicians. No matter what your profession may be, if you like music and musicians, know a musician, want to be a musician or have children who play musical instruments, we want you to join.

Why Did the AFM Start Friends of AFM?

We want to inform as many people as possible about the issues affecting musicians, and enlist their help in fighting for music and musicians in Congress.

How Can I Help Fight for Music and Musicians?

It’s easy.  Sign-up to join Friends of AFM! Click on the link at the bottom of the page and fill out your e-mail and physical address (this is just for matching you to your Congressional district). You’ll receive e-mail action alerts when a major issue affecting musicians comes before Congress. From these alerts, you can e-mail your representatives and stand up for music and musicians.

What Does Joining Friends of AFM Mean?

You care about the issues affecting music and musicians and you are willing to do something about it. You will receive a few e-mails a year asking you to contact your Members of Congress to tell them to support music and musicians.

Joining Friends of AFM does not make you a union member.  Members of Friends of AFM have no voting rights or dues obligations within the union. 

Does it Cost Anything to Join Friends of AFM?

No it’s absolutely free. Simply sign up below.

What are the Issues Affecting Professional Musicians?

There are many issues pending before Congress affecting professional musicians. Below is merely a few of the issues AFM is fighting for:

• The Performance Rights Act (H.R. 848, S. 379), which would end the AM/FM broadcaster exemption and ensure that musicians are compensated when their work is played on AM/FM terrestrial radio.

• The FAA Reauthorization Bill (S. 1451) includes language that will streamline the carry-on policies of all airlines so that musicians can carry their instruments on airplanes safely and securely.

• The Arts Require Timely Service Act (H.R. 1785, S. 1409), which will decrease the wait-times for O and P visas so that AFM’s Canadian members will not have to turn down gigs because their visa was not approved in time.

• Network “net” neutrality, so that the Internet remains open and free for all and musicians can distribute their work without interference from Internet Service Providers. However, any network neutrality regulations must include provisions allowing ISPs to protect copyrighted content from theft.

• Curbing Internet piracy, so that musicians can be sure their work is protected from theft and misuse.

• Increased funding for the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA), so that the agency can continue to promote American art and artists.

• Increased arts-in-education funding, so that future generations can learn about the arts and possibly be inspired to become musicians and artists.

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