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The AFM's Office of Government Relations in Washington DC, is the nerve-center of the union's grassroots and congressional outreach efforts. The Office advocates for policies and legislation that will improve the lives of professional musicians. Paramount to these efforts are keeping the AFM membership informed on key developments and asking them to take action from time to time. Parallel to our grassroots outreach, the Office of Government Relations also develops and maintains strong working relationships with key members of Congress and their staffs in both the House and the Senate as well as building coalitions of like-minded organizations. Some key areas of focus for this office are:

  • Championing the AFM's stated position on issues being addressed by Congress such as, pension reform, copyright law and piracy, media consolidation, localism and continuing to fight for a performance right in sound recordings, as well as other issues that affects the lives of AFM members.
  • The Office administers the TEMPO Fund, the AFM's nonpartisan, multi-candidate political action committee that is supported entirely by the voluntary contributions of AFM members. TEMPO makes disbursements to congressional candidates of either party who have a demonstrated record of support for professional musicians, issues of concern to our members and the arts in general. Consideration for disbursement of TEMPO funds is also given to candidates or elected officials that AFM Locals strongly support.
  • Meeting with members of the US House and Senate and their staffs to advocate the AFM's position on specific legislative issues.
  • Working with federal agencies to try to modify current US policy to better the lives of professional musicians in both the United States and Canada.
  • Increasing the effectiveness and visibility of the AFM's lobbying efforts by building coalitions with other groups that share our legislative concerns.
  • Working with the AFL-CIO and affiliated unions on areas of mutual interest to the broader labor movement.

For more information, please contact:

Alfonso Pollard - AFM Legislative-Political Director, Director of Diversity
Phone: (202) 274-4756
Fax: (202) 274-4759

Sandra Grier 
- TEMPO Coordinator - Office Manager 
Phone: (202) 274-4756
Fax: (202) 274-4759

Office of Government Relations
5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW  Ste 440
Washington, DC 20015


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