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President's Office

We develop and implement the AFM's legislative, public relations, and Federation policies. We also oversee and coordinate the activities of AFM departments.
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Secretary-Treasurer's Office

We handle the AFM's financial matters, claims and charges, and Convention activities. We also produce International Musician.
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Canadian Office

As the name implies, the office of the Vice President from Canada (VPC) is to Canadian Locals and their respective memberships, the equivalent of what AFM's head office (based in New York City) is to U.S.
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Electronic Media Services Division

The Electronic Media Services Division administers national agreements negotiated between the AFM and the recording companies. These agreements cover the whole communications spectrum including broadcast and non-broadcast media.
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Freelance Services & Membership Development

Whether it be a young rock band from Seattle playing a one-niter in Boston; or a seasoned string quartet from Toronto providing the music for a local wedding service, the AFM is their music business partner. 
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International Representatives

International Representatives are the first line of help and assistance for Local Officers in all matters pertaining to day to day operations and governance issues in running a Local.
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Legislative Office

The National Legislative Office in Washington DC, is the center of AFM advocacy for policies that benefit the working lives of musicians.
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Organizing and Education

The O&E staff offers assistance in coordinating organizing campaigns and establishing local organizing and recruitment programs and maintains a field office in San Antonio, Texas. This office assists, while not limited to, the field of Latin Organizing.
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Symphonic Services Division

The Symphonic Services Division is the resource within the Federation for local officers, orchestra committees, symphony musicians, negotiators and symphonic music students to come for advice, assistance and support.
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Touring, Theater, and Booking

We negotiate, administer, and enforce contract agreements for musicians touring with theatrical musicals. 
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